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My newest book is a complete comparison of the 12 astrological signs for relationship compatibility. I think of this book as a guide to romantic love and intimacy. The emphasis is on finding ways to help lovers better communicate.

The book is divided into three parts. The introduction, The Field of Play, describes the challenges that arise in trying to develop happy and successful relationships. Part One, The 12 Players, is a description of the 12 Sun signs or players. The personality traits of each sign are covered as well as their relationship tendencies. The male and female tendencies of each sign are included. Part Two, Let the Games Begin!, describes the games or potential challenges a couple might face.

For example, an Aries/Gemini relationship could act out the "Missing the Boat" game. This is when each of these normally fast paced signs might talk the other out of acting on a creative impulse. It's missing a new opportunity due not to perceiving the needs of one another that leads to frustration. This third part of the book contains a lot of useful information on how to solve problems that can come between any two signs as shown in the Strategy section. This is followed by the Rainbow section that indicates the harmony that can be achieved for the two signs being compared. All of the 78 possible sign combinations are discussed.

The book will help a lot of romances better navigate through turbulent times together. A key message in SignMates is that any sign combination can reach a high level of fulfillment. The book suggest ways to more accurately perceive each other's needs and how to better communicate.  $19.95

When someone asks "What's your sign?" they are usually sizing up the potential of your relationship. Most people who are even slightly familiar with astrology have heard that some signs get along, and some don't. SignMates goes miles beyond these simplifications and shows that any combination can work -- if you work at it.

The problem is even the best-suited couples have times when they know some -- thing isn't working, but can't put their finger on it. Bernie Ashman sheds light on the source of these problems and gives concrete ways to overcome the "games people play."

What makes SignMates really unique and valuable is the way Bernie Ashman has pinpointed the particular issues that arise between any of the signs, and his creative, common-sense solutions that keep the relationship healthy. It goes way beyond most "love astrology" books written for the non- astrologer.
Stephanie Clement
Author, Charting Your Career

This is an interesting book with an original theme. From the One-Upsmanship of the Aries game to the lovely Rainbow Endings, I found Ashman has some great insights.
Carolyn Reynolds
Author, The Book of Lovers

Available on Amazon.

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