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Apprenticeship Apprenticeship Program

"The cultural philistines believed until recently that astrology had been disposed of long since and was something that could safely be laughed at. But today, rising out of the social deeps, it knocks at the doors of the universities from which it was banished some 300 years ago. Indeed, it is knocking rather insistently."
C.G. Jung

Due to the demands on my schedule with writing and the immense size of my astrological practice, I am now working individually with people wanting to become astrologers. I will not be able to teach classes at this time. I work with aspiring astrologers locally and from other states. If you are interested, contact me to discuss the details. By serving as a mentor, I am trying to offer the follow up for a student that is often lacking when someone takes classes. By working closely with you in a more personalized manner, I can make sure you are digesting the information in a customized way that will make the learning process less painful for you! I have vast experience in many areas of astrology that I am willing to share, if you are a serious student. We can discuss my fees and what is the best way to work together when we talk. The idea is to not just to help you learn the astrology, but to help you gain the confidence in your skills to build a practice.

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