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Previously Published Books

If you are looking for three clearly written and concise astrology textbooks, then please read the following descriptions of my three books. Each makes such a handy reference that you won't want the books to be out of arms reach.
Book signing
Astrological Games People Play:

My first book, published in 1987 by ACS Publications, Inc., in San Diego. A book filled with psychological insights about the 12 signs of the zodiac. The games such as Hit and Run (Aries) or All Roads Lead to Rome (Sagittarius) help explain why each of us exhibits certain behaviors that correspond to each sign. A wonderful book for those of you interested in seeing how psychology and astrology interface! $12.95
"Astrological Games People Play is a great addition for a beginning or intermediate astrologer. Bernie Ashman's approach deepens the student's understanding of basic astrology by looking at it from a different direction, such as correspondence to musical chords. Each chord representing planets, signs, houses, contains a wealth of keywords for positive and negative expressions. Ashman's counseling issues, translated into all sorts of Games, are wonderfully revealing."--Marion March, Co-author of The Only Way To Learn Astrology series.

        Out of Print
RoadMap To Your Future:

My second book published by ACS Publications, in 1994. The book is about to be released by the American Federation of Astrologers for a 3rd printing! The book is the most complete discussion of aspects formed by transits and progressions ever written! Practicing Astrologers and students alike use the book as a handy reference. Instant Astrology! A unique view of our challenges in the present and future. $19.95

"In RoadMap to Your Future, Ashman demonstrates great understanding of how astrology and human behavior best mesh."-- Marion March in Aspects magazine.

"RoadMap To Your Future is the most comprehensive guide to understanding predictive astrology on the market today. Its concise format offers a unique synthesis of potential benefits and pitfalls for each of the outer-planet transits and inner-planet progressions."--Dell Horoscope book review

Available on Amazon.

        ISBN# 0-935127-30-5

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