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Bernie Ashman reportsheading

Earth Mandala

Bernie's new software program, The Earth Mandala, was released 1/10/09 by Cosmic Patterns!
David & Fei Cochrane are the owners of Cosmic Patterns, an outstanding software company, located in Gainesville, Florida. David is a pioneering astrological software creator. He started his company in 1982. He is known for his amazing accuracy and in-depth astrological & computer knowledge.

The Earth Mandala is a unique report written from a past life perspective. This work began in 2001 and Bernie is excited to have found such a wonderful software company to produce his report. It represents many years of Bernie's study of Carl Jung and Bernie's own work with the collective unconscious, metaphysics and, of course, astrology.

You can go to this link at the Cosmic Pattern website to see a sample of the report.

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