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Empowering Taped Readings

Birthchart Analysis:

A 60 minute taped reading that covers each of your key birthchart themes. The ten planets placed in signs and houses are interpreted. The Ascendant and Nodes of the Moon are included. This reading will help you tune into the hidden messages of your chart. Your creative tendencies are described. A tape that will continue to reveal more about yourself the more times you listen to it! Loaded with information all about you!! $135

The Soul Journey:

A 90 minute tape that includes all of the above with a special focus on the Nodes of the Moon. The Nodes of the Moon symbolize a dynamic polarity pointing to special reasons for this incarnation. This celestial compass tells a fascinating story about themes surrounding previous incarnations and lessons still to be learned. The North Node denotes a particular highway each of us needs to travel to get the best mileage out of this lifetime. It is a new and vital ally full of creative energy. The South Node is the strongest past life indicator in your chart! It is an irrational pull that must be handled carefully. Many of our subconscious impulses can be traced to this symbol. Making peace with this part of your chart can be a key step to inner fulfillment and greater outer success. $195

Cycles of Becoming (Transits and Progressions):

A 60 minute taped reading that focuses on the challenges of the present and future. A great motivator for your creative energies! My clients say this tape helps them to more confidently embrace those soul-searching and cutting-edge choices that are difficult to make. Great for redefining career needs, relocating, relationship choices and changing identity needs. $135

Past Life Themes

A 60 minute taped reading that identifies the past lives that are linked to this incarnation. Do you sometimes experience tendencies or instincts that have a mysterious pull on you? Within our subconscious are memories that the Astrological chart can help identify related to past life experiences. Integrating these energies helps to better understand these memories and can shed some light on present circumstances. Even current cycles interacting with your birthchart can activate these memories, and allow you to bring this energy into a more conscious awareness. A great reading to bring forward the "past" into a more fulfilling present! $135

Quick Fix Transit:

A 30 minute tape that will give you a fast scan of the present and future major cycles on your horizon. A great catalyst to get moving in new directions. $75

Solar Return:

This 60 minute tape is a popular way to get a feel for the trends of the coming year! This is a chart constructed for your birthday. The actual day may be one day before, or after your birthday, as this chart is based on the exact time the Sun returns to the position it occupied when you were born. The location for this chart is whatever city you are inhabiting on your birthday. $135

Relocation Chart: See Relocation Charts

Relationship Tapes: There two types--

Chart Comparison:

Usually referred to as Synastry. A 60 minute taped comparison of your chart to that of a lover, or a friend, parent or business partner, etc. This tape can help you build better communication and cooperation. A great way to gain greater insight into a partnership. Find out whether your own Sun and Moon signs may be compatible or not, with those of another person. The way your personal chemistry interacts with one another is the focus. $150

Composite Chart:

A 60 minute taped reading that discusses the relationship chart you form together (Composite). Your joined chemistry is explained. The way you communicate and stimulate one another is described. Challenging areas can be identified. A great way to gain greater objectivity about your relationship. $150

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