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10 Paths to Creative Freedom

By Bernie Ashman

Creativity is that elusive expression that resides in all human beings. Sometimes this energy feels so thick, it could be cut with a knife. It may come forward and though us with a consciousness that is dynamically beyond our conscious mind. Creativity can guide a person to follow the deepest parts of their intuition. Then there are those frustrating moments that may begin as eagerness to create your masterpiece. You try to begin, but it feels like eating chicken broth with a fork! These invincible forces may eventually (in a painstaking way) weave their magic through our consciousness. When they have had their way with us, the evidence can be found in the world of form.

The ten planets can denote a unique part of creative energies. A gifted artist, writer, speaker, humanitarian, Astrologer, etc., is usually making use of several planetary themes. It is the mastering of these energies that can bring out our best to meet whatever challenge awaits us.

The Sun in the chart points to our particular way of falling in love with the creative impulse. It is the willpower to express ourselves. Relaxing into the creative experience can be a challenge. It is like parenting a child. That which is expressed or comes through us can feel like our child, whether it is a book, a new recipe for dinner, or a new way of being. Some individuals must find enough ego strength to let creative vitality come forward. Those with too much attachment to creative impulses may need to learn to let go. We often tap into our greatest will power when engaged in the creative process.

The Moon is symbolic of our intimacy with creative energies. Our lunar friend is a key link to our innermost instincts. I recently did a consultation for an aspiring writer with the Moon in Gemini (and in the 8th house). She had trouble feeling close to the creative experience. Enjoying the feeling or process of writing was one of the greatest lessons for her to learn. The Moon is our inner child and is symbolic of the intuitive energies that hold the hand of a child's imagination. This planet is a strong component of the creative experience. Letting our imagination lead us can be an important step to exploring creative energies. It can be that going beyond certain comfort zones will take us into new creative territory.

Mercury, the "winged messenger", represents our mental insight into creative energy. It can be a re-programming of the conscious mind to allow for a connecting to creative impulses. There can be a challenge, denoted by Mercury in the chart, to let go of an overly-analytical conscious mind. Do not dig up the seed before it has had time to grow. We can be well into a creative process before the real depth develops. The conscious mind can distort the reality of the subjective beauty of creative forces as they are finding birth. Mercury can indicate that some mental toughness needs to be learned to penetrate to the core of creative insight. We can experience a miracle by altering our perceptions, similar to what Marianne Williamson is telling us in her book, A Return To Love.

Venus symbolizes forming a relationship with creativity. Enjoy the sensuality imbedded in the creative process. Let it balance your psyche just by letting go to the dance of these forces. Self-esteem can be bathed by the beauty of moving into situations that are creating greater harmony for you. It could be that a more balanced creative environment is needed. Putting possessions near you, or wearing clothing or jewelry that inspire your creative urges can help. Our relationships with others may take on new meaning when we find happiness in creativity.

Mars represents the courage to create. It can be breaking through the obstacles that stand in your way. The warrior planet can help some people become more assertive in the midst of creative processes. Watch out for the "hit and run game". This is a pattern of not following through, as described in my book, Astrological Games People Play (See the My Books section, on my Website). Sometimes a person needs to only get started to feel the internal fires aroused. It is then that the creative powers will carry us the rest of the way. It is finding the momentum to get started, and not looking back, that can be a challenge. Creativity can teach us about another Mars theme: anger. The creative process can expose hidden anger. People with explosive and angry tendencies can find creative energies helping to channel this intensity more productively.

Jupiter symbolizes believing enough in the abundance of life so that your creativity will come to fruition. A positive attitude combined with some Jupiter humor helps immensely! Faith can miracously bring a dose of luck. You may read a book or take a class that opens up creative doors. A teacher may inspire confidence and expand creative interests. Traveling on the mental and physical planes can bring out some creative spark.

Saturn is symbolic of the discipline and concentration that creativity involves. It is important not to try so hard that you lose interest in your creative forces. This planet indicates the power inherent in the commitment to your creativity. It is often fear in the creative process that stops many people from getting started. Taking short well conceived structured steps is the way to get through Saturn problems. The little successes can lead to bigger ones later. I have done charts for many idealistic people disgusted with their creative energies. Sometimes their intuition has been difficult to focus. It is hard to finish a project without some goal or purpose in mind. Create a first step. Just concentrate on this first precious step. Forget about the rest. You may be surprised how easy it is to get going with a small creative success.

Uranus denotes forming a friendship with your creative side. This planet, with its objective awareness, offers a great way to balance the excessive emotion and passion that creative forces awaken. Following a creative vision can liberate even more options. Uranus can symbolize the transformational growth in the creative process through expressing unique consciousness. It's interesting that in the real sky, Uranus is tilted on its side during its orbital cycle. The remaining planetsare straight up and down! This planet was discovered in 1781, sandwiched in between the American and French Revolutions. This is why Uranus is considered the maverick planet, pointing to ways to explore our individuality. Give yourself the freedom to go beyond societal and peer pressures. Try not to always wait for the support of others before embarking on your creative course. They just might join with your enthusiasm while you're in the middle of your ride. Uranus can indicate that a support group may inspire confidence. Peers may stimulate creative insights.

Neptune represents merging with your intuitive forces. This planet indicates the need to let go to the right brain energies. Have faith in them. They know more about creative energy than any one of us! This is the spiritual link to your creativity. It is the intuitive vision and faith in something greater than you. The intangible forces lend their magic to your creativity. It is stepping out over the edge with your intuitive impulses that can lead to new paths. There is a transformational potential every time we take a creative risk. Neptune is escaping the ego just enough to capture the presence of the soul in our creativity.

Pluto represents forming a deep psychological bond with what you create. This planet points the way to trusting your creative intensity. It is symbolic of the personal power that is given rebirth through deep creative expression. Pluto is the death that can be experienced as a greater "you" comes through. This can be a psychological cleansing that brings hidden fears into the light. Creative intensity can bring out our compulsive and obsessive energies. The passion expressed for your creativity can lead to great growth. Shedding the layers that are holding you back in your consciousness, allows a bold new display of self-mastery to brillantly shine.

There is no one formula that will arouse our creative forces. Each person has a unique style. It is exciting to use the birthchart as a tool to help tune into creative energies. The birthchart is the blueprint. It is the root chart. Together with the symbolism of current cycles (progressed and transiting planets), a picture of our creative energies is formed. I have done several relocation charts for clients and looked at their "Local Space" planet lines for various cities, states and countries (See the LocalSpace/Relocation section on my Website). It is interesting how certain locations can draw out a particular planetary theme that can be vital in fulfilling creative potentials.

Creativity has no limits. It can be found in our communication, parenting, business dealings, etc. There are often doors waiting for each of us to enter. Sometimes these doors need an extra push. It can be our own fears or self-consciousness that keeps them a closed mystery. It does not matter when you open a creative door. Do you know what happens when you walk through? It is as though you have been on this new side of the door all of the time!

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