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Local Space
and Relocation

Geographical Maps of Consciousness

Welcome to an exciting branch of Astrology! Local Space traces the direction of your planetary lines at birth through cities, states and countries. This is an excellent way to find favorable locations for travel, business, education and changes of residence. You can get a quick scan to see where your creative energies can best flourish and be focused.

Local Space Maps with Planet Lines

This is a fast way to quickly see which cities, states or countries your birthchart planet lines intersect. The maps help explain why certain cities energize you, whereas other locations may create more disharmony. You can select maps for the World, United States or any other country. Select your maps on the order form. Each map is $15.

Mini Comments Tape

This is a brief overview of your birthchart lines for the U.S. or another country of interest. A great tape to order with maps. $35

The Local Space Package

This is a loaded deal! You get the Birthchart Planet Lines and Relocation Charts for 3 cities. These cities are plotted on the map to see if the lines make direct hits. A one hour tape describing your best or most favorable locations of the cities selected is included. Each city will be compared for positive potentials and major challenges. My clients find this very useful in regard to residency changes, business, relationships and much more! The planets placed in the highest chance for success are highlighted. $175

Relocation Chart Tape Your birthchart can be done again for another location of interest! Why do this? It allows you to get an idea of the creative potentials for a city or country. Your planets remain in the same signs they occupied at birth. However, your planets can change houses. The 12 houses represent different life arenas (career, relationships, home, etc.). They may denote new psychological, spiritual and physical challenges or opportunities. A planet moving into a different house of your chart by changing locations may indicate it will be easier to express in the new location (or more difficult!). Your Ascendant could change signs in other locations, denoting a new personal style or identity. This 30 minute tape will clue you into what is in store for you in other cities or countries. $90

James Dean Local Space

The above map of the United States shows the planet lines for actor James Dean who died in a tragic auto accident in 1955. The planet lines extend from Dean's place of birth, Marion, Indiana. Note that Dean's Moon line makes a near direct hit with Los Angeles, California. Dean lived here as a child until his mother died. He later returned to Los Angeles to attend college. Dean had the Moon in Scorpio, and placed in the 2nd house of his birthchart. The instincts to find a sense of security (Moon) and to find meaningful values (2nd house) was awakened here. It is interesting that Dean moved to New York in 1952, again following his Moon line! It was in New York City that much of his passion for acting was perfected. He was soon to be discovered as a real acting talent. Uranus, the planet in Astrology denoting genius, rebellion and freedom (as did his Aquarius Sun sign), was a key planet in Dean's life. The planet's line of travel was quite close to Los Angeles and New York City. The Uranus line makes a direct hit with Salinas, California. Dean was killed when driving his Porsche to Salinas to compete in a racing event. Uranus is the planet ruling accidents! Wow!!

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