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Bernie Ashman's

Retrograde Page

Mercury Retrograde

What is the Mercury retrograde cycle? No planet in reality is really traveling backward. It is the apparent movement from our observation from the earth that makes a planet appear to be moving backward. Mercury does move backward or retrograde through an Astrological sign three times a year.

The meaning of Mercury retrograde is easy to understand if you think in terms of Mercury's symbolism. The winged messenger rules communication and is connected to travel. So we need to be careful with the details if trying to conduct important business negotiations or make major decisions under this cycle. Also, be extra careful in clarifying your travel plans during this planet's retrograde cycles. The length of a Mercury retrograde cycle can vary from 20 to 24 days from start to finish. It can be a great time to follow up on old business. It might even be useful in editing the final details of a presentation or written document. It normally isn't wise to start a brand new project under this cycle as it may require quite a bit of repeating what you have already done. There are times when we have no choice but to move ahead under one of the Mercury retrograde time periods. Be sure to move ahead patiently and consciously! Dot those I's and cross those T's as best as possible to avoid twenty-twenty hindsight embarrassment.

What follows are the dates and starting times (Eastern Standard Time is listed) for future Mercury retrogrades:

9-17-15 at 2:11 PM (EDT)   Retrograde
10-9-15 at 8:59 AM (EDT)   Direct

1-5-16 at 8:06 AM (EST)   Retrograde
1-25-16 at 4:51 PM (EST)   Direct

4-28-16 at 11:21 AM (EDT)   Retrograde
5-22-16 at 7:21 AM (EDT)   Direct

8-30-16 at 7:05 AM (EDT)  Retrograde
9-21-16 at 11:32 PM (EDT)  Direct

12-19-16 at 5:56 AM (EST)    Retrograde
1-8-17 at 4:44 AM (EST)   Direct

4-9-17 at 5:15 PM (EDT)   Retrograde
5-3-17 at 11:34 AM (EDT)   Direct

8-12-17 at 7:02 PM (EDT)   Retrograde
9-5-17 at 5:31 AM (EDT)   Direct

12-3-17 at 2:35 AM (EST)   Retrograde
12-22-17 at 8:52 PM (EST)   Direct

Venus Retrograde

What does it mean when Venus turns retrograde? Venus is associated with the way we socialize and form important relationships. When Venus is moving backward or retrograde through a sign it is a good idea to be a little more careful in negotiating with others to get what you need. Donít rush into new relationships or hastily judge others during this cycle. You can be happy with your friends and loved ones during a Venus retrograde. The main theme here is to not panic if you feel less decisive in what you feel you need from people. The length of a Venus retrograde time period is about 6 weeks.

Venus is connected to making business or financial decisions as well. Donít force key decisions if you feel a need for more time to make the right choice. It is not unusual to become more indecisive during a Venus retrograde. You may be faced with a situation that you must confront during this cycle. Just remember to stay centered to make the best decision possible.

What follows are the dates and starting times (Eastern Time Zone) for future Venus retrogrades:

7-25-15 at 3:30 AM (EDT))   Retrograde
9-6-15 at 2:30 AM (EDT)   Direct

3-4-17 at 3:10 AM (EDT)   Retrograde
4-15-17 at 4:19 AM (EDT)   Direct

Mars Retrograde

What does it mean when Mars turns retrograde? When we want to express this bold planet directly it is usually more challenging during this retrograde cycle. Mars is associated with our need to be assertive and decisive. You might find during a Mars retrograde that your get up and go energy is not as sharp. Donít worry. The energy you like to greet each day with is as strong as it was before but your mind may take longer to embrace it. Your patience is likely to get more tested during a Mars retrograde. Pace yourself to make sure you donít get burned out. If you need to finish a project you could need to nudge yourself forward. Sometimes just getting moving will get you the momentum you need to complete a job. The length of a Mars retrograde is 2 months.

What follows are the dates and starting times (Eastern Time Zone) for future Mars retrogrades:

4-17-16 at 6:15 AM (EDT)   Retrograde
6-29-16 at 5:59 PM (EDT)   Direct

Happy Navigating!!

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