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Bernie Ashman

Prediction Reports

Prediction Reports are offered in different formats:

  • Major Cycles Prediction Report
  • Day-By-Day Prediction Report
  • Grand Slam Prediction Report
Major Cycles Prediction Report

A one year Prediction Report that identifies and discusses each of your new unfolding life chapters. Challenges and opportunities of your present and future are discussed. The material is presented in chronological order, in an easy-to-understand format, making the information easier to follow. No knowledge of Astrology is necessary. Transits and Secondary progressions are the techniques used in this report. Useful tips throughout the report can help you gain greater insight and personal empowerment. $50

The major cycles report is divided into 3 sections:

* General Climate: key transits of Saturn and the outer planets help complete the symbolic picture of current and future time periods. Key cycles to reinvent or redefine yourself are here!

* Second Section: captures changing trends on the horizon for you. Potentially intense challenges that stimulate spiritual and psychological growth are often found in sections one and two.

* Third Section: contains more flowing cycles. These gentle breezes can make for a fun and happy-go-lucky atmosphere. These are times colored by creative ease.

Those of you with Astrological knowledge will probably want to know the precise contents of each report section. Aspects formed by the transiting outer planets to natal planets, house positions of transiting nodes of the Moon, placements of your progressed planets by sign and house positions, aspects formed by progressed planets to natal planets, aspects formed by progressed Ascendant and Midheaven to natal planets, and much more!!

Day-By-Day Prediction Report

Detailed Prediction Report with the transiting Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars aspects to your natal planets fully discussed. Do you want to: be better prepared each day mentally and emotionally? Think of more imaginative ways to use your time? Tune into immediate challenges and creative opportunities with this daily reference guide!
Even the New Moons are identified for you each month and how they interact with your own chart, meaning your own unique mental frequencies. You can use the New Moon information to launch new projects! My clients like to use this report as a journal to write short notes and observations, to see how the Astrological cycles correspond to events and inner understanding.

The Day-By-Day Report can be ordered for 3, 6, or 12 months. The 12 month report is about 100 pages! Prices as follows:

3 months $20
6 months $40
12 months $60

Grand Slam Prediction Report

Combine the Major Cycles and Day-By-Day Prediction reports. Plenty of excellent and insightful reading all about you!! $100

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