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Bernie Ashman        
Written Reports
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Why buy an Astrological Report? A good question! The reports I wrote are filled with a great deal of insights. I have enjoyed the creative process in putting together the text for my reports. I have attempted in my writing style to make you feel the reports are personalized as though written just for you. As a matter of fact, they often cover the details that a one hour taped reading cannot get into. Many of my clients like the reports as a supplement to a taped reading. The two together cover just about all of the ground needed. A written report can be ordered without getting a taped reading at this time. It is enjoyable and energizing to read all about ourselves through such a unique and powerful Road Map!


Past Life Report
Friends and Lovers (Synastry)
Birth Chart Report
Major Cycles Report
Day-By-Day Prediction Report
Grand Slam Prediction Report
Earth Manala Report



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