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Bernie Ashman

"Bernie Ashman's Simpaticos Report on the Composite Relationship chart is a gem! Inspiring, lucid and comprehensive, this report makes every human rapport come alive through uncanny insights and an excellent literary text. Highly Recommended!"
Mark Lerner, publisher of Welcome To Planet Earth magazine.

Simpaticos is a new relationship report based upon composite charts. The composite is the chart for a relationship created by combining both charts into one. It is a symbolic meeting place of a relationship's shared mental, physical, emotional and spiritual chemistry. With over twenty plus years as a professional astrologer, Bernie provides profound insight into how the relationship between two people will work. It is approximately a 25 page ride through the terrain of your relationship. The report can be ordered for romantic or non-romantic relationships. $35

The report is divided into four major sections:

The Playing Field

This introduction outlines a comprehensive approach to relationships, and the kind of communication that makes them work. Bernie's shares his own philosophy about romantic love and how this report can be a guide to aid you in better understanding your partner.

The Players

In this section of the report you will find in-depth analysis of the planets of the composite chart, including the sign and house they occupy. You will also find descriptions of the composite Ascendant and Part of Fortune. The "main players" are the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Part of Fortune. The "supporting cast" includes the remaining planets and the Midheaven.

The Aspects

This section focuses on communication and negotiation, areas of harmony in the relationship, fusion of energies, and potential areas of friction.

The Nodes of the Moon The Nodes are a celestial polarity that give clues to your connection on the soul level. This somewhat unconscious connection emerges into greater awareness in relationships of longer duration. Though you will probably recognize what is said about you and your partner's psychic link as you read this material.

Simpaticos is a powerful report. It will bring you into an instant awareness of the dynamics at work in your relationship on all levels!

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