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Taped Lectures

The following are taped lectures given at various Astrological Conferences or for Astrology groups. The tapes are $10 each.
If it is a two taped talk, the price is $15.

** Denotes a lecture for a Beginner or Novice

**Natal Delineation--1991, NCGR Educational Conference in
    Chicago, IL.

**Delineation: A First Stab--1995, United Astrology Conference
    Monterey, Ca.

Aspects--1991, NCGR Educational Conference in Chicago.

Progressed Moon--1998, Charlotte, NC. (2 tapes)

Past Life Scans--1998, United Astrology Conference, Atlanta, Ga.

Secondary Progressions--1998, United Astrology Conference.

Angular Houses: Cosmic Alarm Clocks--1995, United Astrology Conference, Monterey, Ca.

Four Faces of Transformation ( Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)--1999, Raleigh, NC. (2 tapes)

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