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The Astrology of Bernie Ashman

Welcome to my Website!
I have been an astrological consultant for individuals and businesses for over 30 years. My intention has always been to offer people expanded insight into their present and future life experiences. I encourage you to explore my astrological services. I am currently celebrating the release of my new book, Sun Signs & Past Lives: Your Soul's Evolutionary Path, published by Llewellyn. It doesn’t matter if you are new to astrology or a seasoned veteran, there is surely going to be something of interest and great value to you here!


Bernie's new book, How to Survive Mercury Retrograde is available from Llewellyn. Quick Description:

Prepare yourself for the retrograde cycles of Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Join renowned astrologer Bernie Ashman as he shows you how to arm yourself with the knowledge to handle those areas of life that will most likely be affected by a retrograde planet. Discover how to avoid negative tendencies or thoughts during a retrograde period and very importantly how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by retrograde planets. This book will help you make better choices about relationships, communication, and business matters during a retrograde cycle. Bernie's book can be ordered now on Llewellyn website and the Kindle edition is available at Amazon here.

Bernie's book, Intuition and your Sun Sign is available from Llewellyn. Quick Description:

Your hidden spiritual and practical gifts come alive when you make the most of your intuitive potential. Astrologer Bernie Ashman reveals how to use a basic understanding of astrology to instantly tap into and use your varied intuitive gifts to overcome blocks and find the mental clarity you seek

You'll need no astrological background to make use of this information in practical situations. Even more excitingly, you'll develop your own insights and intuition about others, letting you make better choices quickly and more easily, raising your self-confidence. Looking at someone else's sun sign will allow you to communicate with them better, bringing improved harmony and understanding to your relationships. You'll master challenges, improve your imagination, achieve goals, and find personal empowerment. The Kindle edition is available at Amazon here.


I am offering a free astrological chart via email to anyone visiting my website.
To receive your chart, email me at Bernie Ashman.

Please include your name, email address, month/day/year of birth, and the place and time of of your birth.

Bernie's book, Sun Signs & Past Lives: Your Soul's Evolutionary Path is now available from his publisher, Llewellyn and at bookstores.

Read Bernie's article, The Astrological Signs: Twelve Passports to Past Life Awareness, on the Llewellyn Website.

You may also get this book as an e-book for a Kindle at Amazon.

From the back cover:

What will your birthday reveal about your destiny?

Reach your full potential with an instant past-life reading based on your Sun sign. Internationally known astrologer Bernie Ashman offers an easy, foolproof way to pinpoint behaviors that may be holding you back from a rewarding ife of peace and fulfillment.

You don't have to know any specialized astrology terms or concepts to use this book—all you need is your birthday. Sun Signs & Past Lives separates each Sun sign into three energy zones. Simply look up the zone in which your birthday falls and find out your innate strengths and the spiritual lessons you need to learn from this lifetime. Most importantly, you'll discover how to transform these precious insights into action.

Learn about your spouse or partner, friends and loved ones

Bring about improved health and healing

Discover your true purpose in this lifetime

Reverse negative past-life tendencies

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Past Lives
My featured interview with Matrix Software is now available on their site.
Report Description from Matrix Software site.
I have now completed a Past Lives software program for Matrix Software!
For information about this exciting chart, see my new Past Lives description page.
Click here to see a sample Past Life chart.

You can also download a form to order your own Past Life Report.
Click here to access the order form.

For those of you who do not have the Acrobat PDF reader, click here.


New Software

Announcing New Software program release by Bernie for Cosmic Patterns:
The Earth Mandala

Bernie's new software program, The Earth Mandala, was released January 10, 2009 by Cosmic Patterns!
David and Fei Cochrane are the owners of Cosmic Patterns, an outstanding software company, located in Gainesville, Florida. David is a pioneering astrological software creator. He started his company in 1982. He is known for his amazing accuracy and in-depth astrological and computer knowledge.
Learn more about this amazing report.

Civilization Under Attack
My latest writing is Civilization Under Attack, a collaboration with other astrologers about the September 11 events. For more information, click on Civilization Under Attack

New Links
I have added a few new links-- check out the Astrolinks page.

My readings are insightful and powerful, whether done in-person, telephone consultation or sending a tape to you in the mail. You can contact me to schedule an appointment or to order a specific service by telephone, fax or email. This information is listed at the end of this Homepage section.

When having an Astrological reading, your chart is constructed by using the city & state (or country) in which you were born, plus the month/day/year of birth and the birth time. Click here for information about obtaining birth information.

If you like, you can go directly to the section describing my Astrological Services. My many different types of empowering taped readings are described here. You might want to take a glance at my Astrology reports as I have written the text for three Software Programs. The Skyscope Birthchart Report, approximately 15 pages, makes a wonderful introduction to Astrology. The Prediction Report covers the ups and downs for the present and future.

Simpaticos, my newest release, written for Matrix Software, is a 25 page report that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about a romantic or non-romantic relationship. You can even buy the Software Programs, if you want to start your own chart report business! I sell a wonderful and wide range of Matrix Software programs.

My books, Astrological Games People Play and RoadMap To Your Future, have been used for the past several years as valuable references by practicing Astrologers, students and anyone interested in learning more about this ancient art. My latest book, SignMates, has been written for my new publisher, Llewellyn, and was released in September, 2000. This book is an Astrological guide for people to better understand their romantic relationship encounters.

I am happy to announce that RoadMap To Your Future: A Quick Guide to Progressions & Transits has been reprinted by the American Federation of Astrologers!!!! New Leaf is distributing as well as the AFA and myself.

Another exciting branch of Astrology is Local Space and Relocation. Are you looking for locations that best express your chances for success and fulfillment? If the answer is yes, you might want to check out this interesting section.

Taped lectures are also available. See Taped Lectures for more information.

I have also included a price list and an order form for mail or fax orders.

You can select from the Directory on the left. Click on the entry you want and you will be taken to that page. Enjoy your tour and happy navigating! To navigate back here, click on Return to Bernie Ashman's Home Page on the menu to the left.

Contact Bernie Ashman:
(919) 489-0545


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